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Why would you choose turf instead of grass? To begin with, aren’t they the same? These are only two of the very common questions people ask when they are presented with the idea of synthetic turf or just turf overall, and they make sense. After all, turf tends to look just like grass and only those that actually take the time to research about the differences or are professionals in the field will understand what makes them actually so different and the only similitude lies in their look.

Now, would you say you are more familiar with grass than turf? Or maybe with turf instead of grass? We are confident you will answer one or the other but the real answer is: you are familiar with both of them equally. Many of the green surfaces you see in certain places and spaces are actually turf while others might be grass just as you would usually guess.

Sarasota Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf

Why do we mention this? Because it will make it easier for you to know the differences between each other during the explanation. To begin with, the grass is softer, has larger blades, and the color tends to be a bit lighter than turf. Of course, the usual spaces where you can find it are patios, yards, parks, and similar spaces where landscaping is the main purpose. When it comes to turf, you will have a solid and tough surface, it is darker than grass, and it is usually found in spaces where sports, training, or high-impact activities take place like stadiums, sports, or training fields, golf course, and similar ones.

Unlike grass, turf has another purpose: to provide extra support and shock absorption properties to guarantee safe activities and a better grip. This is why the blades are also shorter and you will notice how the turf maintains itself this short most of the time. Now, this is with the real options and when it comes to the synthetic ones, the differences remain the same. But what is the difference between using real or synthetic turf now that you understand the differences between grass and turf?

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Real turf requires a lot of maintenance, frequent watering, and you end up spending a lot of time making sure it looks stunning and provides the support and shock absorption level you need. Meanwhile, synthetic turf offers the same properties—even better depending on the materials used for the turf—and you do not have to water it nor require high maintenance. This means it is much better and can be used in the usual places and spaces where you would have real turf.

Then, how can you have artificial turf in your space?

It is not hard to find companies, stores, or professionals that offer the materials and pieces of synthetic turf, so there is no need to think too much about how hard it will be. However, you have to choose carefully from whom you get the turf and how well it is installed. Something to keep in mind is that the quality of the turf will vary depending on the materials used, and basic plastic is quite common. The problem with it is that it is a very low-quality material and makes the turf last for only 3 or 5 years. No more than that.

In the end, you will have a surface that makes you spend the same as real turf or even more, which is not the goal at all. When looking to install this artificial surface, make sure it is made with nylon and polyethylene, which are the best materials for it. You will notice the difference in the materials when touching the turf. When basic plastic is used, it is quite rough while nylon and polyethylene provide a solid and tough surface but will still be soft and offer the support you need.

To make it simpler, it must feel like real turf no matter what. For this, our company Sarasota Safety Surfacing is the best option since we only use nylon and polyethylene for the turf we offer, and the best part, we can install it without issues which will guarantee the quality of the final result. We promise you the best outcome for any space where you need the surface and rest assured we know how to handle the installation regardless of the condition of the existing surface. You just need to contact us to have it installed in your playground, school, city park, patio, yard, sports or training fields, or any other space where you will use it the most.

Is synthetic turf better than artificial grass?

As we already mentioned, they are completely different. However, there are people that use turf for landscaping as well. Those that want to have a stunning green look but also need support and shock absorption properties on the surface tend to choose turf before grass, but this is not the best option in most cases. Keep in mind artificial grass is just like the real one and it also has great support and impact absorption properties. The fact that people use it for landscaping the most does not mean you cannot have a safe surface when using it. Therefore, we would say artificial grass is better when you want a very specific look yet a safe surface.

Instead, artificial turf will offer you a green look that cannot be compared to anything else but the extra is that its support and impact absorption level are better. Also, the grip it offers is much better. In our experience, we consider it better for spaces where sports and high-impact activities take place every day or quite often while grass can be a great option to reduce the harm from falls and accidents while having to deal with heavy traffic. At Sarasota Safety Surfacing, we will help you to make the decision when you contact us and guarantee that if you end up choosing and needing turf, the quality and installation will be outstanding.