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When it comes to safety surfacing, those that are unitary ones come with an extra benefit that two layers system surfaces are unable to offer: less maintenance. This is one bonded rubber that is such a popular option among people in Sarasota but also, due to the main properties and characteristics it has. What is so special about this surface? There is a lot to mention so let’s start with the simplest aspect, it is made of rubber. Rubber is a recycled material that can be used for many purposes, not only for making surfaces. However, when it is used for this one, in particular, you will end up with a surface that will offer benefits to the soil while it deteriorates or more like degrades over the years.

Sarasota Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber

Thanks to this, you have one thing in check: an eco-friendly surface that will not cause you problems when it comes to helping the environment. Now, is this material good in other terms? Like longevity, durability, shock absorption, and more. The short answer: absolutely. But to understand this you must know there are different types of rubber and not all of them are of high quality. Instead, you will find yourself with very poor ones that some companies and professionals use to reduce the cost of the surface.

However, if you find a company that uses TPV rubber and continues to be 100% recycled, you definitely have to work with it if it is capable of providing great installation and extra services as well. At Sarasota Safety Surfacing, we meet with the previous requirements at once and when it comes to bonded rubber in specific, we have been working with it for quite some time. Personally, we find the surface to be the most suitable one for all types of spaces and places. After all, certain surfacing options are limited to the temperature changes, humidity, climate, and other factors, but this rubber one can perform well in most situations and places.

Sarasota Safety Surfacing-Services

That being said, is it what you need when it comes to safety but also appearance and the final design you want for your surface? It will depend on how you answer these questions:

  • Are temperature changes frequent in your city or area?
  • Where do you plan to install the surface?
  • Do you like the loose look of wood mulch?
  • Are earthy and natural colors your style?
  • How much shock absorption do you need for your space?

There are a few questions in addition to these ones that will appear depending on the answers to the ones above. However, this is not always the case since it depends on what company you are relying on for the task. In ours, we worry about you choosing the best possible option for your space, which is why we want to make sure you answer them and also keep in mind other factors and aspects before making a decision. So far, you can notice it is not that simple to choose a surface, but we are confident you will get used to the process in no time, especially when you have reliable and experienced professionals like the ones in our company.

Why choose bonded rubber as your safety surface?

The best way to understand this—in our experience—is to compare the surface you are considering with another option in the market, a good one at that. Therefore, let’s take bonded rubber and poured-in-place rubber for comparison. Poured-in-place rubber is a very popular surface for a reason in particular: it consists of two layers instead of one, which allows it to provide extra support and shock absorption properties. In terms of shock absorption, it may win in most cases due to how you can make one of the layers to be thicker and offer better properties. However, it does not mean you should always go for it when you need a safe surface since it also has several disadvantages.

It requires more maintenance than others, you have to consider it twice if cold temperatures are frequent, and if you need a surface that will drain well, it may not be the best option 90% of the time. Instead, when you go for our main option, you will find bonded rubber to be amazing due to two of its main characteristics: it drains well and has great porosity in comparison with any other surface in the market. This is why it is often used in pool areas or spaces where drainage is needed or humidity is quite common or frequent.

Also, its appearance is quite similar to wood mulch and the loose look you obtain with it, which connects it to bonded rubber mulch—another type of surface available. Now, a straightforward answer to your question would be to choose it if you need extra drainage and great porosity + a good-looking surface that will dry quicker than others. Overall, it is great for both indoor and outdoor spaces, so the decision tends to lie more in what you prefer, this option or maybe another available in the market.

Where to install it

As we previously mentioned, it performs well with any indoor or outdoor space. However, indeed, surfaces always have a few spaces where their performance goes from good to perfect. In the case of this rubber option, playgrounds, pool areas, and city parks are the most common ones for this. You will find the shock absorption properties to be enough or a bit more than required for these spaces, and you get to use the area much sooner in comparison with other surfaces.

If you are interested in it, our team at Sarasota Safety Surfacing will start to help you right away regardless of your specific location in the city. And if you are in any other city in Florida or even another state, you can rely on us without any issues. We are a nationwide company that knows what is doing and this surface is not a challenge but rather something we are quite used to.