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One of the favorite surfaces for landscaping in Sarasota and all around the world is definitely grass. However, is it actually a good option when you leave out the looks and think about the functionality, maintenance, and expenses? Not really and this is why synthetic grass is more popular than the real one nowadays. To understand why you must keep three things in mind:

  1. Real grass requires a lot of watering.
  2. High maintenance is needed to maintain the green and stunning look of the real one.
  3. You have to buy chemicals and spend more resources in the grass for it to continue providing support and shock absorption over the years.
Sarasota Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass

In other words, real grass is quite a lot to handle in the short and long run since it is not simple to make it grow in the first place. Most people do not notice this when they acquire a property where it already exists or enters a space that looks stunning with it and decides they want the same. Now, wouldn’t it be easier to just choose another surfacing option in the market? After all, the grass is commonly used for landscaping purposes more than safety.

The short answer is yes, it is quite easier. However, you do not need to quit the idea of having the look, support, and shock absorption properties of the real grass just because it does not work overall. Instead, going for the synthetic grass available in the market is quite suitable and we promise you will love it when you get to know its benefits and advantages compared to the real one.

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In the first place, you do not require to water synthetic grass. You can always add some water a few times every month, but it is not necessary nor mandatory to maintain the surface. Second, high maintenance is not required at all. Instead, the attention you have to give to it is quite little and you will not invest lots of time for it. Finally, artificial grass can last for over 2 decades easily and without too much effort. You can end up having your landscape perfectly maintained and the support and shock absorption properties needed, all at once.

How to install synthetic grass

It is crucial to know that not every grass available is the same. This applies to both the real and synthetic options. Since we are referring to the artificial option, let’s focus on it. Considering the main fact that it is synthetic, you cannot expect it to be made with real grass in the first place. Instead, plastic or similar materials are used. Now, the quality of the grass will rely a lot on the specific material used.

Basic plastic is quite poor and it will usually last from 2 to 5 years at most and the deterioration of the grass will be noticeable every month. You will end up spending the same if you have to go over repairs or replace them sooner than it should. Therefore, what should you do? Look for artificial grass that is made of either nylon or polyethylene, or maybe both of them. At Sarasota Safety Surfacing, we use these two materials only for the grass we can offer you that also includes the installation in its price.

In the market, nylon and polyethylene are the most durable and long-lasting materials for this artificial surface and others like turf, which means that you can expect it to last for over 2 decades as we previously mentioned, and have a soft surface without any issues. You will notice the difference between a low-quality grass and high-quality one, which is why we are not nervous about you noticing it or not, and instead, we’re quite confident you will love our option available.

Once you determine the grass to be installed, keep in mind that the quality of the result will depend on it but also on the installation and how it is performed. In our company, we can promise you that the installation of the grass will go well with the materials used, guaranteeing in this way the best outcome. That being said, installing synthetic grass only involves a few steps for you:

  • Contacting professionals or companies that can offer the grass.
  • Determine what type you will install since you have more than one available made of the same materials.
  • Allow the professionals to measure your space and determine how much material is required for the surface.
  • Let us, in this case, handle the installation which will not take too long.
  • Start enjoying your soft grass without worrying about maintenance, falls, accidents, and watering.

Where to install this safe surface

Do you know where to find spaces or places with grass as their surfaces? Can you imagine a few ones with it? Then, you already know where you can install the synthetic option. You do not have to think too deep about this surface. Instead, just use it for places and areas where you would usually have real grass. Of course, a few spaces will find it more useful due to the purpose of the surface overall. For example, playgrounds are the most common spaces where you will find artificial grass installed due to how well it performs with heavy traffic, the support and shock absorption properties provided, and how it can be used all year round since watering is not required.

Schools, city parks, training fields, and even sports fields, are other places we can mention and we are confident you will agree with us. However, if you have doubts about the option and if it is a good alternative based on the other safe surfaces available, our professionals at Sarasota Safety Surfacing will start providing their assistance right in the beginning when you need to make a decision. Just contact us and we will be there to help you regardless of your location in the city, Florida, or any other state and place in the United States.