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If we had to mention one of the most popular styles for flooring and any type of surface, tiles are definitely at the top and if not, almost there. After all, many people love how they look which is why safe surfaces that offer the same geometric pattern are quite used and installed, just like rubber tiles. Now, before you start considering tiles as your safety surfacing option, you must know they are not 100% the same when it comes to the result you obtain.

Yes, you will have the geometric pattern you are trying to achieve, but several factors must be considered when choosing a safe surface overall. To be more specific, rubber tiles might not be the best option depending on where you are thinking to install them and if the surface will perform well in the space you have.

Sarasota Safety Surfacing-Rubber Tiles

Therefore, when thinking about this surface, do not feel attracted to the appearance and look only but also think about the main reasons why you are acquiring it: a safe surface that can last for many years. In order to know if it is a good option or not, you will need to learn at least the basics about it, and quick research or reading articles about it might not be enough if you consider that all of them usually say something different.

The best way to determine if a surface is good or not for your project is by relying on experts that can provide the information and advice required. However, make sure you are trusting some that are actually reliable. At Sarasota Safety Surfacing, we can provide all the assistance and services regarding rubber tiles and we will start here and now by giving you information about the surface.

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What is it made of and what are its properties?

The name gives out the answer to this since rubber is the main material used for it, but not every rubber is the same. Just like any other material, you have different types available and some of them are of better quality than others. Therefore, a more accurate answer would be: it is made of TPV rubber most of the time. At least, in our company, we do not use any other type of rubber except for EPDM when necessary since we want to guarantee the quality of the surface overall.

That being said, other components are included as you expect but they do not influence a lot on the quality of the surface. Instead, they are more like complements to shape the rubber into a specific form, which is tiles in this case. By knowing the main material for the surfacing option, you can start to determine the characteristics and benefits it offers. Its shock absorption properties, support, look, colors available, and many other aspects. In the case of the main surface we are mentioning, you will always get the geometric pattern since it is what the tiles are meant to provide when it comes to looks.

As for shock absorption and support, this option is one of the best for heavy traffic areas and those where high-impact activities take place. In other words, you can expect a lot from these properties. You can reduce harm from falls up to 10 feet, provide support for joints, knees, and ankles, and you can expect it to perform well even if people are walking, running, or performing any other activity on it 24/7. However, something to keep in mind is that it performs better indoors instead of outdoors unlike other rubber surfaces. The reason is due to the spaces between each tile despite the efforts of making them not obvious at all.

Humidity and water can damage the surface faster than expected, which is why it is recommended to be used indoors more than outdoors. Is it a limitation? Not really. It depends on your preferences and how you want to handle the surface overall.

Why use rubber tiles in both indoor and outdoor spaces

Yes, we know what we just mentioned: keep it indoors. However, we also mentioned that it is not a limitation. To be honest, we encourage people to use the surface they like the most as long as it meets their needs before thinking about preferences in looks and designs. In the case of this rubber surface, yes, you will inevitably have a surface that lasts a bit less than it should when it is installed indoors, but there are a few things that can be done to guarantee a few more years. Everything depends on not only the quality of the materials used but also the professionals installing it and how they handle the process and take measures to offer the best possible result.

In our company, Sarasota Safety Surfacing, we can help you if you decide to use it outdoors, like in playgrounds, city parks, or similar spaces. By knowing this, you can be more relaxed when making your decision, and if you still need a few reasons why you should use this surface overall, here are a few ones:

  • Low maintenance is required. You do not need to invest a lot of time, effort, or money in maintaining the tiles, especially when installed in indoor spaces.
  • You can customize the colors and create stunning geometric patterns with them.
  • The support for joints, knees, and ankles cannot be obtained with other surfaces.
  • The impact absorption it offers competes quite close with surfaces like poured-in-place rubber and EPDM rubber.

More than focusing on specific details of the surface—although they are important—, we recommend you focus on the general result you will obtain after thinking about all the factors that influence. When you do this, you will have a better picture of the surface and what you want and need. For this, we are also here for you and our professionals can start helping you by determining the best options and where rubber tiles will be your best friends from now on when it comes to safety and stunning looks.